Me holding an actual Oscar
(It was Gareth Unwin's, but still)
Some of this will appear on the About Me section of the website so you can skip it if you’ve read that.  I mean you are probably going to skip it anyway, but I thought it was the best place to start  
I am a private person, so this won’t be my life story.  It would take too long anyway.  I am a writer.  I started in theatre.  Actually, I started years ago as a child.  I mean as an adult I started writing theatre.  I began attending drama classes, and when it came a chance to do a showcase, I wrote and then asked if I could do my scene.  A bit brave not only asking but especially as we were doing scenes from comedy greats.  French and Saunders, Monty Python, Victoria Wood and me.   The scene was a roaring success, and the rest is history.  That’s not strictly true but when rewriting my life story, why not?  What did happen was I was asked to write a full-length play.  I did, and this became Wedding Shots.  A family drama where people brought their own set of problems to a wedding.  It even had a tagline which is not something done in theatre.  ‘What do you do if the happiest day of your life is the worst in the life of others?’
A funny thing happened in the process of writing Wedding Shots; I became quite physically ill.  That isn’t the funny bit.  It just meant that I started writing a darker play called The Dead Wait.  I didn’t know I was ill; all I knew was I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to write a happy wedding one.   The Dead Wait was set in a waiting room between this life and the next, probably influenced by Satre’s No Exit.  I finished Wedding Shots, handed it over and waited six months to show The Dead Wait to others.    From there, I started writing more plays and saw other people/groups doing my plays.  I decided that maybe I could get my vision across better and started my own theatre company doing original works only.  Amaline Theatre  went on for seven years.
In the meantime, I started to work in media.  I got a place in a prestigious training company here in Wales that only took on a few people a year. I was taken on as a script editor which meant they paid for my training.  I was also given training in filming, editing and the industry.  I did some really good courses in London, but timing is everything, and the funding cut out about halfway through the training.  I did find a few jobs, but the usual avenues become closed because it was the time of the BBC fund cuts, which was having a knock-on effect to all media.   I went to find another day job.
Keen to be a bit more ambitious with the theatre company, I changed the name from Amaline Theatre Company to Amaline Theatre Productions.  This allowed me to put short films within the plays making it a bit more edgy for the audience, more fun for the actors and a technical nightmare for me.  I would film, edit and direct the film on performance nights.  I didn’t direct all the plays, so arranging times for filming also became a logistical nightmare.  It was stressful but creatively rewarding.  However, Doctor Who became huge and prices shot up for prop hire in Cardiff.  Then room hire prices rose, and the feedback I was getting was I had to lower the prices because there was a recession on and so it became impossible to breakeven.  Something then happened which made it impossible to go on and that finished.  I felt it was over and I wasn’t meant to be a writer.
Life went on, but I had this awful nagging in me that I was neglecting that part of myself.  I was watching TV and film and thinking that I could add to that, so I went back to writing but this time concentrating on screenwriting.  That brings me to here. 
  If you would like to see my loglines, treatments or scripts, please contact me.
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