Jacqueline Davies

I am a Cardiff based writer.  Not content with trying to commit words to paper (or screen), I am also a trained and experienced script editor and reader.

I have also has written ten plays produced by various theatre companies.

From 2005 to 2012, I had my own theatre company which produced original works only and encouraged emerging writers to see their work performed.

I specialise in comedy about miserable people.  Smart, funny, but ultimately flawed people.

I am currently working on a comedy with drama for TV and scripted podcast.

I also act and have taken numerous acting classes over the years.

When not writing or acting, I can be found avidly reading, staring at a cinema screen, watching actors perform on stage and desperately flicking through Netflix to find my next obsession.

I also work under the brand Deliciously Bright.

If you want to dig deeper, please visit my blog here.

If you would like to see any loglines, two-page pitches etc., please contact me on here.

Follow me on Twitter on @jacq_dav

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