Warning, if you don’t like swearing, look away now.

  • However hard you try sometimes work things do not work out.  The trick is not to dwell on it and take the good stuff to go forward with.


  • As an employee, if you do not get a cost of living pay rise year on year, if they do not offer time or finance for training, even if they change your job then THEY DO NOT value you. They may stroke your ego a bit, and they may tell you that you do a good job.  They just think you are a mug.  GET OUT of there.  You can do better.


  • Women’s rights are being eroded a little bit at a time despite the opposite being said. The last I read women will not have equal pay to men for 99 years. That is ridiculous.  It could happen now.  It should have happened by now.  It’s no surprise when the world is run by white, rich middle age/older men.


  • Even hiding away from the world will not stop you from being rejected. You have to deal with it.  The more you go out into the world, the more rejection you are going to receive.  Sometimes it is not personal, and sometimes it is.  Learning to say fuck off (internally) to it is the only answer.


  • There are a lot of nasty people on social media. I have seen some hateful stuff.  I don’t get involved, and I block people.  I know everyone has an opinion; everyone doesn’t have to hear it though.  You may have a narrow-minded point of view that people who choose people of their own gender as a sexual partner are going to hell, but you do not have to tell the guy who has just lost their husband that.  That makes you cruel.  Also, on this subject, why do a lot of them hide behind a false name and profile picture?  I do know why; bots is just one of the answers.  Also racists, just do one.


  • I knew this over ten years ago, but there seems to be more apparent push back now and related to number six. A person can have a sexual preference for someone their own gender.  A person can have a sexual preference for another gender and their own.  A person can be born one gender and change to a different gender.  A person may not identify strongly with any gender.  There are far more variations on this, and I won’t go on.  You get the message.  I identify as a straight female. It’s just how I feel about myself.  Other people think different ways about themselves.  What has that got to do with anyone else? Don’t fucking judge and find something else to feel angry about.  There are lots – global warming, poverty, homelessness, the selling off of the NHS, etc.


  • Not all the people in your life who call you their friend have your best interests at heart. If they suddenly are not around when you have problems, then they are probably not as good as a friend as you think.


  • Once a person is in a serious relationship/married, you cannot confide in them anymore unless you don’t mind their significant other knowing it. There seems to be an accepted thing when they promise not to tell anyone that their significant other doesn’t count.  It’s especially worse if you don’t know/like/trust the other person.  You also can’t trust text messages.  I know of far too many people who check their partner’s messages unbeknown to the person.  I am not saying don’t be honest, just don’t trust your deepest darkest.   This is probably a separate point, but when anyone confides in you about their partner, even if they are battering seven shades of crap out of them, you can never say anything negative towards them.  The chances they are going to get back together, and you will be the problem.


  • You have a duty to yourself to pursue any dream you choose. People around you may not like it, but you will never be happy unless you do.  Set goals and start today.


  • Life goes quickly. If you do not take action today, one day you will wake up and wondered why you wasted it.  Don’t be that person.


Happy 2020 everyone.