This will be a quick one because it’s Christmas and it’s a Christmas film.  No spoilers and this will be a Star Wars (whatever the new one is called) free space.  Doh!

Last Christmas stars the hugely talented and charismatic Emilia Clarke.  Here she plays 26-year-old Kate (Katerena) who is trying to navigate her life after a serious illness.  She is not doing very well at it, and her struggle is manifesting itself in perceived selfishness from the people around her.    When she meets Tom (Henry Golding) she starts to ‘look up’ (or notice the beauty around her).  This manifests in taking an interest outside her own life and… well, I am not going into it any further.

Emma Thompson wrote it amongst others, and the script is tight with some cracking one-liners.   It also has a serious side with Brexit playing a small part in the story.  Thompson also plays the mother of Kate and lights up the screen whenever she is on.

It’s not the perfect Christmas film, and I don’t think it’s meant to be.  It has a soundtrack that comprises of many George Michael songs which I don’t think works.  They felt a bit shoehorned in, to me.

The film is more interesting than the title/trailer suggests and not your average Christmas film.  It made me smile, engaged me and made me feel Christmassy.  That was exactly what l I wanted.